Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Dr Rainer Gruessner: Never Quit

Dr Rainer Gruessner has always been a believer in the idea that nothing is impossible, and that no challenge is too great or overwhelming to be overcome and conquered. An innovative and talented physician who consistently rises up to new challenges, Gruessner encourages people in every profession to never give up on the pursuit of their objectives, and to meet new obstacles head on and with enthusiasm. 

Surgery, particularly transplantation, is certainly not without a high degree of technical and intellectual difficulty, presenting many new and unique challenges to anyone in pursuit of a medical career. A well-qualified and established transplant surgeon with years of surgical experience, Dr Rainer Gruessner has had the opportunity to face many new and challenging hurdles throughout his career, though he has always managed him through difficult obstacles with diligence and tenacity. Working in an academic environment, as Gruessner knows, offers professionals the chance to not only work together to solve complex problems, but to also combine both creativity and methodology to develop improvements, if not solutions, to what may have seemingly been insurmountable obstacles.

Dr Rainer Gruessner was appointed Chairman of the Department of Surgery at the University of Arizona College of Medicine in 2007 and he has enjoyed numerous opportunities to meet difficulties head on, and to work with colleagues to discover and develop new techniques and methods that increase the chance for success during what can be complex surgical procedures. An expert in transplantation, Gruessner has directed teams that have successfully performed multiple organ transplants at once, overcoming what were previously daunting obstacles to provide patients a better chance at survival and good health.

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